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Reduce Manufacturing Complexity and Improve Operational Efficiency

I believe that a higher degree of Process complexity is desired today, as it becomes difficult for the competitors to copy the process. But I can’t say the same about manufacturing complexity. A process can become complex in various ways, using state-of-the-art machinery or use of protected or difficult to obtain resources, all this makes the process complex and thereby makes it harder to imitate. But manufacturing complexity is the level of difficulty one faces in the execution of the process. It is desirable to keep the manufacturing complexity at a minimal level as it would result in less variance and ultimately better quality. If the process becomes easier to execute it could have a lot of plus points like, a shorter TTM, Better Quality (of product and decision making), Higher flexibility, Higher Productivity and Faster Throughput.
So how can we reduce this manufacturing complexity? The best way to deal with Manufacturing Complexity is to integrate the entire process through the use of information systems and information technology. A complex process becomes easy to execute if it is transparent and allows clear decision making, this functionality can be obtained only when all the operations of the process exist on a common platform and can be executed systematically and in synchronization with other operations. An information system that is all pervasive can help integrate the entire process and achieve the desired transparency.
MES applications are revolutionizing the way operations are performed across the manufacturing industry. Irrespective of the production process, i.e. discrete manufacturing or process manufacturing, MES applications are applicable to either. MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems are basically information solutions that can integrate any manufacturing process. An MES application can be simple or complex depending on the process and the level of integration that is required by the process owners. There are many players in the MES business but the choice of the right partner and the right product can be a strategic decision to make. A wrong partner or product can make the process even more complex and lead to a loss of profitability and higher resistance to change.
I2DS has proved to be a worthy and reliable partner for MES application for many of its esteemed and highly result oriented customers. At I2DS our aim is to develop products dedicated to the unique requirements of our customers and achieve higher profitability through a simultaneous reduction in complexity and improvement in quality. Our MES application allows integration of al operations of the process, which aids faster decision making and lower complexity. Our experts have a huge experience base in MES applications and Operations Management, which makes us a better choice than a regular IT company. Our team specializes in streamlining complex processes and automation of manufacturing plants. To get hands on experience of our powerful MES applications get in touch with us right away, e-mail us at With I2DS as your MES partner you can forget about manufacturing complexity and realize your process’ true potential.

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