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Yes, You Really Need End-To-End Integration Of Your Production Facility!

Integration of production facilities, does it mean the physical integration or is there more to it? Well, not necessarily, today due to the miracle of technology, the end-to-end integration of a production facility is possible even if the entire process is not executed under a single roof. It is now possible to monitor and control subsequent operations taking place at varied physical locations. Even when the entire process is executed at the same location can it be considered integrated if there is a delay in decision making and process control? A process becomes integrated only when it can be monitored, controlled and executed in real time. This is possible only when there are applications that allow real-time capture and analysis of raw data, which can be presented to the relevant management personnel in the form of actionable information.
The next question that arises is- Do we really need an integrated production process? The answer to this question is pretty simple, yes. Yes, you need end-to-end process integration, because it leads to process improvement, inventory control, cost cutting and boosts throughput and profitability. Applications that can help monitor a production process in real-time and provide a comprehensive integration of the process should be considered seriously. It is very important ton realize the importance of having the entire process integrated on a single platform and the value that it adds for the end customer. MES applications are applications which provide end-to-end integration of a production process.
Companies that have been able to embrace new technologies such as MES and implement them successfully in their operations are experiencing unprecedented growth and market share. Information Technology has helped firms perform processes differently, thereby reducing related costs and increasing process efficiency. It is only through advanced applications of IT solution that the Best-In-Class companies have achieved their coveted status. Besides management practices, workforce knowledge, resource base and market conditions, IT is the most important contributor to the success of an Organization.
Manufacturing Organizations in particular have been able to outperform their competition by the implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES solutions. So what is an MES solution? Well, an MES application, as the name suggests helps better and more reliable execution of a manufacturing process, it gives higher degree of control over the process and allows real-time decision making. Such applications have proven to be extremely successful in controlling costs and increasing throughput. There are many players in the MES space, that provide MES solutions, but who is the right partner for you?
I2DS has developed one of the most respected MES applications in the world today. Our solution is capable of adapting and changing itself to suit your operation’s needs. We are successful in MES because we are not just an IT company; our team of experts has more than 100 years of experience in fortune 500 companies in Operations Management. We understand the importance of factors that are unique and inherent in every process; our solutions reflect the individuality of our customer’s process. We have been able to achieve operational excellence through the application of our MES products in different operations from diverse industries. So if you are looking for a partner who would understand your process first and then devise the best solution accordingly, I2DS is the best choice for you. To get a demo of our product made to fit your production process, e-mail us at or just hit the request live demo tab on this webpage and our team will get back to you.

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