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“Yes You Can Increase Your Throughput, Get an MES App Today! “

Throughput, Operational Expense and Inventory are three major concerns for any manufacturing Organization irrespective of their end product, process and environmental factors. An organization can attain the goal of Profit Maximization only when they are able to minimize the Operational Expense and Inventory costs and at the same time increase Throughput. Throughput can be described as the rate at which a system or a process attains its goal, in business the goal being profit maximization, through higher sales and lower inventory. A high throughput indicates that the sale of the produce is high and the inventory is low, which basically means that the profit is being realized faster per unit of product sold. A high throughput is extremely desirable especially in present industrial environment, where product preferences change in a fort night and a product that was hot yesterday becomes obsolete today.
Companies today strive to achieve a dynamic equilibrium between external market forces and internal operational capabilities. In order to enhance the throughput it is important to consider the impact of all external and internal factors on it. Besides the application of management theories, Quality management systems, Poka Yoke (fool proofing), 5S, 7S etc., it is extremely important to realize the nature of your production process and the role that technology plays in it. All management theories that have come up in recent times have emphasized two major pointers, one- Management by facts and two- Use of Technology for better information management. To increase your throughput you need to assess the technological requirements and capabilities of your process and understand the supposed increase in throughput that can result from a technology up gradation.
On of the major reasons for the ever-changing bottlenecks in a manufacturing plant is the lack of proper communication and lack of clarity. Bottlenecks are the main deterrents to achieving a high throughput, so as logic would suggest it is imperative to eliminate bottlenecks to attain a higher throughput. The question is how do we eliminate the root causes of these menacing bottlenecks? Well, the answer is quite simple it’s- MES. Yes, MES applications are those information technology applications that provide an integrated platform, which allows the execution of the entire production and QC process on a single system. The MES automates the entire facility and prevents the formation of bottlenecks. An MES application allows for real-time decision making and allows the operations manager to stay ahead of bottlenecks.
MES applications are being employed by the best-in-class organizations to increase their throughput and ultimately their profitability. However the level of throughput you are able to attain for your plant depends on the partner you choose for the design and application of MES at your facility. At this point I would recommend that you consider I2DS as your MES design and application partner continue reading and you will know why.
I2DS has the most respected, Factory automation and MES implementation team in the industry. Our experts specialize in MES, Factory Automation, PLC, APC, SPC, Data Tapping, Database Management and RFID Implementation. Our approach to automation is highly professional and customer centric. We believe that every process is unique and the level of automation required varies for each organization. Our experts provide automation solution that is not only leading edge but also highly efficient, there by assisting your team to make your process the Best-In-Class process in your industry. I2DS’ customers have experienced a higher throughput, better flexibility and greater profitability ever since they chose I2DS as their automation partner. Our goal is to provide process specific automation and manage the resultant change; this makes us a preferred partner in the industry today. So if you are in need of Leading Edge automation for your production plant, look no further, I2DS is here to assist you in this endeavor. For getting a better idea of how automation can improve your process and achieve a greater profitability, e-mail us right away at or just drop your inquiry in the comment box and we will get back to you.

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