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Yes, You Can Have Better Process Control, Employ SPC System Today!

Why do we need process control? To what extent should the data be analyzed? Will my operation really gain anything from an automated SPC application? These questions arise in an operations manager’s mind whenever the topic of an automated SPC system comes up for discussion. Let us try and answer these questions and help our operation manager in distress. The first question seems a little irrelevant to me, because I am ardent believer in the saying, ‘what can be measured can be Managed.’ Without an SPC system it would be very difficult to separate assignable causes and non assignable causes in quality and process related events that occur. This absence of process data can cripple the entire operation, so the need of an SPC system is not a question for me; I think an SPC application can find its way in any kind of operation.
The second question is a very good question, the extent of data analysis? Well, there is no point digging for more data if you have a process under control and your process metrics are clearly known, understood and monitored by your current SPC application, this means that your process knowledge is sufficient. But if the process metrics are not well known or it is a new process then an SPC application that can measure all relevant process metrics is a good way to start. Having an SPC application not only facilitates better process control but also adds to your process knowledge and helps you get a much better information pool about the process. This in turn facilitates process improvement and leads to operational excellence in due course of time. Thus the data that needs to be analyzed completely depends on the type of process and the present knowledge that you possess about the process.
The third question asks us about the relevance of an automated SPC application, I believe that an automated SPC system has benefits that are multi faceted. To begin with an automated SPC saves precious time that is spent on calculating relevant parameters manually, they are more accurate and human error is eliminated to a large extent and last but certainly not the least, an automated SPC solution allows you to take real-time decisions. This makes an automated SPC application a much more preferred option for your operation. However, when choosing a partner for such an important you need to tread very carefully. You need experts to apply an SPC application and the future performance of your process is dependent on it.
I2DS is the best technology partner for you, if you want the Best-In-Class SPC application at a reasonable price. At I2DS we realize the value a good SPC tool in your Organization’s system can add value to your entire operations and how it can improve your Quality control substantially. Our highly potent and capable SPC is capable of generating real time information like Cp & CpK Charts, Real-Time Process Data, Trends feedback, Tool Shutdown, Trend Charts, SMS Text Capabilities, E-mail alerts and other process specific charts and reports. Our SPC application is modeled as per your process and includes the metrics that you and your end customer consider vital. So if you have the desire to use Statistical tools to generate higher Quality, look no further, I2DS is right here to take care of Quality control endeavor. E-mail us at we welcome your comments and suggestions as well, please leave a comment if you find the content useful or just want to know more about our products.

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