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What does Operational Efficiency Mean To You?

Efficiency when described in the most simplest terms is the ratio of output obtained to the input applied, expressed in percentage. In operational terms Efficiency refers to the accomplishment of or the ability to accomplish, a task or tasks with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. The efficiency of any organization is determined by its ability to minimize costs, ability to adapt to changing market conditions and the ability to maintain Quality and customer satisfaction.
Every Organization today faces immense pressures on its operations such as high market pressure, low cycle time, smarter-more demanding customers, supplier pressure and the constant need to improvise their produce. This means that the organizations today have much lower time for R&D, Marketing and Production functions. The above statement reinforces the need for every organization that wants to maximize its profits, to be highly efficient. Every Organization strives to achieve higher Operational Efficiency, but the question remains, how? So, till now we have established that each Organization wants a flexible yet robust operation that is highly efficient, let’s see how I2DS has been able to achieve this highly coveted operational efficiency through its path breaking solutions. Every solution that has been conceived in I2DS aims to integrate every function of your operation and make it a highly efficient unit. Our solutions provide you with real-time decision making capabilities for your Factory-Ops, Fab-Passdown, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Issues etc. Our highly sophisticated tools such as- SCADA, RFID integration, Data Tap, Real-Time SPC, Unique APC etc. ensure that you have the most efficient operations in the industry. These tools combined with our powerful data management and extremely user friendly HMI makes us the right choice for you. In simple terms, the tools above mentioned are able to provide you the control and flexibility you require, as all the functions are integrated and real-time decision making and issue drill down is possible. We at I2DS are determined to make your operation more efficient for you, get in touch with us right now and we will show you how, email us at

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