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What are You Waiting for, Improve Your Manufacturing Productivity!

The major goal of all commercial organizations is to achieve profit maximization. Achieving profits can be looked at from various perspectives, such as reduction in operational cost, reduction in inventory/work in progress and increasing productivity/throughput. Let’s assume that the demand for an organization’s products is bullish, costs are consistent and the pressure of competition is high. In such circumstances profit maximization can be achieved only when all the three factors mentioned above contribute equally. In organizations that are applying Lean production, cutting inventory and operational costs further can be a challenge; however, productivity can be increased considerably, by application of Information Technology. Achieving higher productivity is desirable for most organizations as it directly impacts profitability and costs.
Organizations have been known to exhibit a strong inertia in applying IT solutions, especially when it affects their production process. Successful Organizations however have been able to fight this inertia and make the most of what Information Technology has to offer. For Organizations in the manufacturing domain, it has been shown that application of the correct Information systems can give a massive boost to the overall productivity of the entire process and bring down the costs drastically. There are many solutions available for manufacturing organizations that can boost process productivity, without varying the process capability. It is very important to realize that when it comes to IT solutions, ‘One size fits all’ kind of philosophy can cost an Organization dearly.
The choice of the right partner to boost your productivity is a strategic decision and should be taken by the top management after careful analysis and evaluation. To make this decision easier for your Organization let me describe how I2DS has boosted productivity for its customers through its path breaking information solutions. The systems developed by I2DS are designed to achieve not only high productivity but also make a difference to the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing profitability. The range of products we offer are- Factory MES, Communication Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Management, Database Management and Process Automation.
The above mentioned solutions are tailor-made to our client’s needs and can be applied individually or as a complete package. With solutions such as the ones I have just discussed you can better control your process and set achievable targets for boosting productivity. Our solutions are helping our customers increase their profitability and cut operating cost at the same time. I2DS systems have the capability to integrate your entire process irrespective of location, equipment type, level of automation and process complexity. So if you agree with me and need a partner who will make your operations more productive and profitable write to us at

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