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What are the Industry Gaps when Striving for World-Class Manufacturing Excellence?

Manufacturing Excellence can be achieved for every organization with a comprehensive system that covers all aspects pertaining to operations. However, there are various industry gaps when we consider the present manufacturing excellence packages. One of the major pain points is the inability to track Factory performance on a daily basis and enable real time decision making. Then there are critical gaps in Safety and Quality management such as, issues occurring on a daily basis get lost in the paper trail or cumbersome database. Similarly issues related to equipment can’t be analyzed historically and this may lead to the equipment becoming a bottleneck or a major cost center. I2DS has developed a supreme Manufacturing Excellence solution which eliminates these gaps by providing real time decision making, historical analysis, issue ownership, issue drill down and many more desirable features. I bet you are interested to know how this solution can help your organization. To know more just hit the request demo link on our website or e-mail us at

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