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Unlock the Hidden Capacity of Your Manufacturing Plant.

Do you think your Factory has realized its optimum capacity and is capable of working at this optimum capacity on a regular basis? Have you got a handle on how small, day-to-day and seemingly simple issues can hamper your cumulative productivity? Is there a way you can increase your capacity or better harness the present capacity? Is there some hidden capacity in your Factory that you are unaware of? These are vital questions for any production or factory manager. We will reflect on these questions one-by-one and try to get a better grip on these issues. If TQM is to be believed no process is perfect and there is always room for improvement, which means that no matter how efficient your process there is always a chance to improve its efficiency and thereby capacity. The extent to which you can perform with optimum efficiency in your operations depends on your capacity and how well you can control and change it as required. To be able to truly evaluate your capacity you need to have a handle on your operations process and the ability to monitor each and every event and control the process variables in real time. I believe in the saying ‘Every penny saved, is a penny earned’, and according to me this concept fits perfectly for judging capacity. To illustrate the above let us consider a small scenario, lets assume that there is an equipment in your factory that is going for maintenance and repairs very often, often for trivial matters. This makes that particular machine a bottle neck. Since there are no serious problems with the machine you do not drill down into the issue and thus end up loosing capacity. After a while you notice that the same problems keep happening with the equipment and then find that the actual problem was with the spare parts being supplied by the vendor. This illustration shows how easy it is to loose focus and thereby capacity in a day to day production scenario. I2DS has realized this and introduced the most revolutionary solutions in the manufacturing space that ensure the utilization of this hidden or lost capacity. Our MES and Manufacturing Excellence Solutions give you the capability to monitor every single event on your Factory Floor, with pin point accuracy and issue drill down functionality, that too in real time. MES provides integration for your process and ensures that the entire production line remains in sync. Manufacturing Excellence gives you the ability to monitor, analyze and control each issue related to the Safety, Quality and Equipment. Our system brings the entire operation of your factory to your computer screen and gives you the best possible view of your process. With a system as modern and efficient as ours, you will be able to harness the hidden capacity of your plant which was previously unknown or lost due to inadequate monitoring or inefficient reporting systems. So if you really want to reach the optimum capacity of your plant get in touch with us at or just hit the Request Live Demo Button on this webpage.

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