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Unleash Information and Unlock Your Plant’s Hidden Potential

No Organization can survive without information. Yes, information from within the Organization and information from the surrounding environment that consists of customers, competitors, suppliers and the government are vital for the very existence of an organization. Organizations lay a lot of emphasis on monitoring the information that lies outside their realm of control and often neglect the importance of internal process related information. Neglecting internal information can be a deadly mistake because without a proper understanding of its own process an Organization can never fully utilize the information obtained from the external environment. Process capability depends on the effective utilization of process information and the efficient application of the resultant learning.
Let us consider a brief analogy that will help us gauge the importance of information. Gurus of performance excellence have always said that any phenomenon that can be measured can be controlled; any measurement produces data, data when collected and processed becomes information, this information when analyzed becomes learning, learning over time leads to knowledge. This process knowledge is what makes an ordinary operation an excellent one. If you fail to collect and manipulate data, then according to the above analogy your process knowledge is incomplete, thus you can never attain your true potential.
Having established the importance of information, now let us consider the ways to harness it and consider how this harnessed information can lead to process knowledge and help achieve the hidden potential. First we need to establish the parameters that are vital to the performance of the Organization from a customer and market perspective. Then we need to collect this data and analyze it for better performance. But data collection and analysis can be cumbersome and time taking when performed manually. This accentuates the need for an automated and integrated system for data collection and analysis, that collects the process data in real time, analyzes it and presents it in the form of information that can aid decision making. The choice of the right technology partner is crucial if you are to achieve the true potential of your process operation.
I2DS can be the right partner for you, it is our mission to provide data in real time from all vital areas of the process, analyze this information and aid speedy decision making, leading to process excellence and better profitability. I2DS can provide you the data that otherwise would have remained hidden in your equipment or process and this helps you get a better more comprehensive view of your process. Our automation team specializes in factory automation, data tapping, EDC and SPC. An automated factory has a comprehensive SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) application that enables effective HMI or Human Machine Interface. Our wide range of amazingly flexible products is what you require for applications like Tool Integration, Data Tap, SCADA, RFID implementation, SPC and EDC applications. So if you think enhancing your process knowledge can lead to a more profitable operation, I2DS is the best choice. Get in touch with us right away and we will help you realize your true potential, e-mail us at or just hit the Request Live Demo tab on this page.

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