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Transform Your Organization with a SMART MES Solution

Over the years Manufacturing has evolved to become highly automated and complex endeavor, heavily dependent on technology and information. Process Complexity is now considered a differentiating factor, it is believed that the higher the process complexity the more difficult it is to imitate. Management has also become more of a science than art, Theories like TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Management all advocate management by facts and not management whims. Information that is easy to comprehend and allows accurate decision making has become pivotal to a company’s success and in some cases mere survival. For manufacturing Organizations the ability to manage and control the complex production process in real time has become vital. Many companies are using Information Technology to provide for these needs and achieve process automation and functional integration. MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems are providing Organizations the control, flexibility and automation they require. The trouble however is not realizing the need for MES; the trouble is who to choose as a strategic partner for implementation. At I2DS we realize the Strategic importance of an MES program and also the deliverables that are expected from its implementation. We realize the structured information needs for different managerial cadres is different and our Smart MES is capable of catering to such diverse needs. We believe it’s essential to have an MES system for your factory operations; factories are the most vital part of an organization that manufactures any product. Information Processing and Real-Time decision making is critical in a modern manufacturing environment, an MES system allows you to control and optimize your operation in real time. I2DS’ MES solution is one of the best in the industry if not the best. We have been able to quench the thirst for technology by providing our clients with the right system for their operations. Our systems provide a complete automation of your operation, and enable real time SPC, APC, RFID Integration, Inventory/Vendor Management, EDC etc. Our high tech and user friendly HMI or Human Machine Interface assures that all employees can be trained to effectively use the system and the change can be managed without much resistance. MES systems are the future for all manufacturing organizations and those who have realized its importance are reaping its benefits as we speak. So if you feel that there is a need for your Operations to become Smarter, Faster and Better, don’t wait for a sign, get in touch with us today. Write into us at and let us show you how our technology can make your Factory Smart.

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