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“Time To Market, Does It Matter To You? “

Organizations today are facing high pressure to develop products faster and put them for sale in the market. Order lead times have become very short and instant fulfillment of orders has become the name of the game. Now more than ever the market forces are stronger and influence the entire operation of Organizations and most successful ones have realized this and have been able to able alter their internal capabilities accordingly to meet market pressures. Due to smarter consumers and their short attention span the cycle time for product development and market it has become shorter than ever.
The total time taken from the conception of a product till it’s ready to sell is called Time-To-Market or simply TTM. The market leader has the luxury of a high TTM; the followers unfortunately do not have this luxury. For industries in which the products are outmoded or need updating continuously the TTM is even smaller for example the Software industry, FMCG industry etc. Shorter TTM means higher pressure on the R&D and Marketing function, but even the other verticals are also under a constant and ever increasing pressure.
So how do you survive in such difficult times? How do you ensure you can sustain under the adverse market conditions and still improve your bottom line? At I2DS, we have got the answers to all your questions, we have a strong belief that only an Organization that has flexible operations can survive in today’s cut throat market. Our solutions are aimed at providing your organization with rapid development times, quick cycle times and fully integrated operations. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art MES, Manufacturing Excellence, Data Management and Factory Automation solutions. These solutions adapt to your operations and then integrate it to make it a cohesive and flexible unit; each solution is equipped with powerful tools that provide unparalleled functionality. These powerful tools drastically reduce your TTM, but to see these tools in action and know more about them you have to get in touch with us at

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