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The Road to Reaching World Class Manufacturing Excellence

Have you ever wondered what sets apart a great company from a mediocre one? Why is it that some companies achieve a Six Sigma level of production and others fail, even though they have adapted the same theoretical practice? How can you achieve this new paradigm of Manufacturing Excellence? Let’s take a shot at each question one by one. A great company is driven to achieve excellence at any cost, customer satisfaction is their top priority closely followed by Quality. Great companies adopt and apply tailor made technology for integrating and improving their operations simultaneously. Achieving Six Sigma level production and productivity is only possible is the process is stable and controlled and there is a clear knowledge of all process variables and attributes. Again such high productivity requires an integrated process that can be controlled in real time. Achieving Manufacturing Excellence is possible for any organization which is willing to adopt information technology that can provide integration and real time decision making capabilities. But purchasing any ‘Of The Shelf Package’ available in the market might not be the solution, simply because it is difficult to adapt your process to a standard software application. What you require is a Tailor Made Package made just for you and a right partner to help develop the application, train your work force and manage the entire change process with you. I2DS has developed one of the best Manufacturing Excellence package in the market today, which has high adaptability and provides seamless integration of all verticals and amazing real time control capability. The Manufacturing Excellence application we offer covers all critical areas such as Quality, Safety, Factory Communication and Equipment related issues. Due to the all pervasive nature of the application every issue that needs managerial attention is captured and can be resolved in real time. Achieving Six Sigma level production is highly dependent on detecting and removing assignable causes of process disruption. This is possible only when every disruptive issue related to all process specific parameters can be detected, its cause can be determined by drill down analysis and requisite action is taken as fast as possible. I2DS’ Manufacturing Excellence application has the ability to adapt to the parameters you deem as vital; this makes integration with your process easier and faster. However I know that you may want to look at the application before believing me, so write into us at and let us show you how to achieve Manufacturing Excellence. Let us be your partners in the journey towards achieving Process and Product Excellence.

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