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The Path for Turning Information To Knowledge

Information is considered the biggest asset of an Organization, all management theories stress on improving Information processing and knowledge management to be more successful. Information which becomes a part of our cognition over a period of time through experience and education becomes Knowledge. In our daily work routine we come across a lot of Data, but this data needs to be presented in a meaningful form to become information and make sense, then analyzing this information will result in learning and eventually in knowledge. Information Technology has changed the way Organizations manage their Data, process their information and manage their knowledge. Today there are systems that process raw data and present potent information to the users, this saves time and helps avoid lengthy calculations and paperwork. For a truly modern organization data processing and database management are not the major concerns, it is the integration of all their operations and free flow of knowledge that has become the major area of concern. I2DS has realized this need of the futuristic organizations and has developed a true Knowledge Management solution to meet these needs of future, today. We offer a seamless integration for the entire Organization, our services and solutions range from Database Management to Manufacturing Excellence. We can achieve the level of integration desired by the Organization as we have developed solutions that are aimed at automation of Information Processing and better Knowledge Management. Let’s have a brief glance at all our verticals; they are, Data Management, Factory Automation, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and IT/Software services. Our verticals have been designed specially to provide integrated platforms, which have the functionality of converting raw data to information and providing seamless information to achieve smooth learning resulting in an Organization wide Knowledge Base. We have experts in all verticals mentioned above, which gives us the ability to empathize with Organizations and realize their pain points better, our solutions are aimed at resolving present information problems and better dealing with the future ones. So if you are an Organization that aspires to be a market leader through effective and efficient Knowledge Management, I2DS is the right partner for you. If you want to get a glimpse of our world class product line e-mail us at or hit the Request Live Demo button on this page.

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