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The Parameters Of Productivity In Manufacturing- An IT Perspective

By Vivek Bhachawat

Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost, these are the vital competitive priorities that are considered most crucial for Organizations today. All these parameters are dependent on the availability of relevant and potent information. It is the acquisition and manipulation of the right information that has helped market leaders get the no. 1 spot in their respective industries. To acquire correct information, data collection, database management and data processing is mandatory. Organizations today lay a great emphasis on collection of data generated both inside the organization and outside.
Let’s first consider the importance of Data, its management and why is it so important to have robust data architecture? Each Organization in the world generates large volumes of Data every day, every hour, every minute; practically all the time. However this data becomes useless if not stored in a proper Database and not processed in a strong Database Management System. Today IT is the biggest concern globally and opposed to normal belief these concerns are not being eliminated rather they are escalating, as the products being manufactured worldwide are becoming more and more complex and the need to have the right info as and when required is more intense than ever.
The process of achieving a robust IT infrastructure begins with the purchase of the right hardware, followed by the correct software applications. The right database architecture and features like, data mining, data processing and data reports are very important for a successful IT implementation. At I2DS we have a strong belief that the results achieved today should amplify and improve in the future. We provide the best knowledge management services in the industry today, because we plan for tomorrow by applying solutions today. With I2DS as your Data Management partner you can achieve the desired level of data proficiency today and also plan for the future. We are committed to providing the right solutions for you.
I2DS provides many solutions and services such as- Data Management, Factory Automation, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and IT/Software services. Our verticals have been designed specially to provide integrated platforms, which have the functionality of converting raw data to information and providing seamless information to achieve smooth learning resulting in an Organization wide Knowledge Base. So if you are an Organization that plans for future success with the application of right solutions today, if you wish to incorporate Organizational learning in your culture, I2DS is the best choice for you. Just e-mail us at and we will get back to you with the best possible solution for your data management needs.


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