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The Importance of Vendor Engagement during Equipment Selection.

Vendors are as important as customers in the Value Chain of any Organization. Supply Chain Management advocates strongly the involvement of Vendors in the Planning process of the Organization. Having a strong and long term relationship with all Vendors is a requisite for maintaining the competitive edge in today’s cut-throat market conditions; vendor-engagement is highly desired if the Organization is to achieve the Quality Standards required. Most companies today focus on vendor-relationship building as it allows them to concentrate on their core competencies and dedicated vendors ensure that the Operations of the Organization remains flexible to accommodate things like- New Product Development, Shorter PLC, Variable demand, Equipment Purchase and Troubleshooting etc. Vendors have become more than just suppliers of goods and equipment, they have become strategic partners for firms world-wide and concepts like Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI are gaining momentum. So are vendors equally important in your Organization? What is the Level of Information Sharing you have with them? How involved are your vendors in your planning process? Do you provide the right information to your Vendors which can enable a synchronized supply chain? These are a set of vital questions you need to ask yourself if you really want to optimize your supply chain. In the interest of time, let’s discuss the importance of Vendor-engagement in Equipment selection. Vendor-Engagement is vital when selecting equipment as they have the domain knowledge that you might lack when it comes to selecting the right equipment, let’s look at this in a different way, if a Vendor manufactures or supplies equipment, that is his Core-Competency, therefore engaging such a vendor can be vital when it comes to making a huge Capital Investment Decision like buying Equipment. So then, who is the right partner to help you better engage with your Vendors? Let’s answer this question by visiting what I2DS can do for you in this space and see if we can achieve the desired level of Vendor Management and Engagement. We at I2DS help our customers engage with Vendors for equipment selection so that the customer is relieved from furnishing Vendors with various requirements. We also provide the Vendors with Standards for Data Collection, Technical Documentation etc. which insures smooth MES integration. Also we are providing Vendors the required support for any queries related to Software, Hardware and Troubleshooting. We work with the Vendors and help them get a better picture of Spares and Material Requirements. We help our customer’s right from Vendor Selection to reaching a smooth, long-term and hassle free relationship with potential Vendors. So do you agree I2DS is the right partner for you? If the answer is yes, then write into us at

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