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The Ideal Solution for Any Startup Company.

History has it that great businesses have had very humble backgrounds, every company that became a global giant initially was just a great idea conceived at the right time and then that idea was turned into a reality by Visionary Leadership, Teamwork, Planning and Control. Every new company wishes to become a big company, from a big company to a huge company and finally from a huge company to a global conglomerate, employing thousands of people world-wide, with a business of 500 Million dollars plus. Its good to have high hopes, but just high hopes will not get you there. The world market has drastically transformed and global trade is now a real phenomenon, trade boundaries have diminished, general customers are now smarter and more demanding than ever, IT has become the top priority for all Organizations. The above statement is not meant to instill fear in you; rather it’s intended to spread awareness and lead you towards a right partner for your information needs. As a new organization what matters the most for you is to be able to control costs and yet increase throughput, also important is to maintain Quality of produce and achieve Customer Satisfaction. As a new player in the market you require comprehensive and emphatic IT Solutions and not some random package that is neither dependable nor efficient. You need a technology partner like I2DS that can provide you solutions like, Data Management, Factory MES, and Manufacturing Excellence, Factory Automation and IT / Software Services. I2DS is helping its partners across the world to achieve lower cost production, with high product quality and real-time decision making functionalities. In today’s cut throat competition, Information and the Technology that deals with that information is of providence, I2DS can be a strategic partner for you as we realize your need to concentrate on your core competencies and our endeavor is to make Information Technology application and implementation a better and simpler experience for you. Our expert team can provide you the functionality you require at a minimal cost, our HMI is the most effective and user friendly experience in the industry. For a start-up company like yours I2DS is the right choice, rather the ‘only’ choice because we care, and we put our client’s needs before our interests. To know more about us and our path breaking products just write into us at or just hit the ‘Request Live Demo’ Link.

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