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The Ideal Inventory Mangement System – From Warehouse to End-of-Line

Inventory is one of the major cost-centers that industries deal with, it has been the center of many studies and theories, for example Just In Time Manufacturing Theory revolves around the reduction of inventory costs. Inventory is considered to be one of the three major pillars of any successful organization along with Operational Expense and Throughput. So is it vital to manage inventory effectively? Obviously the answer is Yes. But the more valid questions here are – Is my inventory Management System effective? Does it save money? Can it be improved? Let us discuss these questions in detail but first we need to understand the concept of Inventory. My definition of Inventory is really simple ‘Any material that enters a facility is Inventory till it is converted into a product and shipped.’ So that means good arriving as raw materials, work in progress materials and even finished goods not yet shipped are all inventories. So if you have an inventory management system that supports only ware-house inventory or WIP inventory or Dispatch inventory then the system is ineffective and it will make your operations inefficient. At I2DS we have a solution for this predicament; our Inventory Management System integrates all types of inventory in one feature. What our system does is it tracks material right from the time it enters the Ware-House to when it’s being processed, right up to the EOL or the end of your production line. Also our inventory management has the ability to integrate itself with your present ERP application if any and provide you with a seamless inventory management solution.
We at I2DS have the best and most experienced professionals who have a wealth of experience in managing factory ops and MES implementation. Therefore our Inventory Management Tool will give you the results you have always desired, because we know the importance of inventory and effective inventory management. To get a glimpse of this amazing solution all you have to do is get in touch with us at or Request Live Demo. Let us at I2DS make your Inventory Management effective for you, we are waiting to hear from you.

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