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The Collaborative Factory of Tomorrow.

Synergize Operations to Optimize Profitability, this is the modern mantra for a successful and truly global Organizations. The future is now and collaboration between every process within and outside the Organization’s realm of control, in its supply network, is vital for surviving in today’s highly competitive and unforgiving market scenario. The flow of Products, Services and Information downstream and upstream are crucial and need to be managed and controlled properly. Factories are the heart of any manufacturing operation and a collaborative and synergized environment is mandatory here to achieve the desired level of throughput and profitability. Seamless integration of process and communication in a factory environment can be achieved through the application of an MES application. An MES or Manufacturing Execution System is gaining popularity across the world as the best means of operating and controlling the Factory Operation. It is a system that enables information management for the entire factory operation and provides the much desired collaboration between all the sub-processes. I2DS has one of the most efficient and user friendly MES solution that is rapidly changing the way Factories function, our MES has not only made the factories of our customers more efficient but more importantly, it has made these factories more profitable. So what’s so special about I2DS’ MES solution? At I2DS our mission is to deliver value to our customers through our experience and expertise. We are not just an IT company, our MES product has been designed by professional who have managed and lead the most modern factory operations, in Fortune 500 companies. Our MES product is aimed to achieve tomorrow’s productivity today, through seamless integration and management by collaboration. I2DS’ MES has unparalleled features and allows you to not only run your day-to-day operations, but gives you the ability to control and alter the process in real-time. We believe in the theory of management by facts, our MES system is a portrayal of this philosophy as you can view all process related reports on the go and implement CAP in real-time. Making well educated decisions based on facts is possible only when you choose I2DS as your Information Partner. A truly collaborative factory for the future can be achieved only by choosing the right partner, which is able to automate your process and is able to manage the change for you. Think of I2DS as your partner because we have the domain knowledge to achieve the high goals you have set for your operations, mail us at or request a live demo at and let us show you the future of your Factory Operation.

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