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The Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System.

Have you ever noticed the sea change that is taking place every day in the market, ever wondered what is driving these rapid changes and how does your Organization keep abreast with the rest of the industry? Well, let’s take it from the top, Markets today are changing rapidly because of four major factors, these are- 1) Technology, 2) Customer Demands 3) Globalization and Trade Agreements and 4) Market Forces (Competition, Suppliers etc.). These factors are the major driving forces behind the extremely dynamic and volatile nature of the present day market. Customer demands have made companies realize the importance of constantly upgrading their product, Globalization means that companies have to cater to markets world-wide to avoid saturation also it means they have to face global competition, Market forces applies constraints on the company in terms of capacity planning and market segments it can cater to, last but certainly not the least, Technology is by far the most important force as it decides the image of your Organization and how profitable your operations can be. Technology has completely transformed the way Organizations do business and how customers perceive the business. How is that? You may ask. Well have you ever purchased anything Online? Made a payment and never even thought of withdrawing it from the Bank? Yes is the obvious answer. This is how technology has changed the way we live; we think and perceive the market. About 20 years ago everything had to be done physically and the level of contact required was much higher than it is today. Technology has brought the world closer and made information more accessible than ever. So, if you are a Manufacturing Organization how does technology matter for you? Even if you have high end equipment which was a huge capital investment, are you really making optimum use of technology? Are you able to process the data from this high tech equipment and make real-time decisions? Do you need to better utilize your information? Let us reflect on the above mentioned questions and understand the importance of MES or a Manufacturing Execution System. At I2DS, we believe it’s essential to have an MES system for your factory operations; factories are the most vital part of an organization that manufactures any product. Information Processing and Real-Time decision making is critical in a modern manufacturing environment, an MES system allows you to control and optimize your operation in real time. I2DS’ MES solution is one of the best in the industry if not the best. We have been able to quench the thirst for technology by providing our clients with the right system for their operations. Our systems provide a complete automation of your operation, and enable real time SPC, APC, RFID Integration, Inventory/Vendor Management, EDC etc. Our high tech and user friendly HMI or Human Machine Interface assures that all employees can be trained to effectively use the system and the change can be managed without much resistance. MES systems are the future for all manufacturing organizations and those who have realized its importance are reaping its benefits as we speak. So then what are you waiting for, get an MES system for your Factory right away and truly optimize your operation. Write into us at and let us show you how technology can synergize and optimize the way you operate.

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