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The Benefits of a Document Management System Integrated in MES

Today all major organizations in the world are laying stress on becoming eco-friendly and developing technologies that allow sustainable development. There are two advantages of developing a paperless operation, one that is quite obvious, is the protection of environment and valuable resources; the other is integration of operations and ease of access to documents. Laying stress on paperless operations also helps create a better image of the organization in the eyes of its clients and end customers. It increases brand value and shows that the organization is truly committed to environmental conservation and operational integration. Even for Organizations that produce for other companies, a robust document management system has numerous benefits.
There are a myriad of document management applications that can be applied in an organization, but which one is the most beneficial and where should it be applied, these remain the key questions. In organizations that belong to the manufacturing industry and specially those that deal with high volumes and R & D, the Document Management System should ideally be integrated with their MES application. The simple reason for this suggestion is the fact that an MES application is used to run the production and a document management system integrated with the MES will make sure that none of the important documentation is lost and also ensure that all important documents are readily available as and when required.
But is any MES application capable of integrating a robust and user friendly DMS system? Who is the right partner if you need an MES with a DMS? These are some of the questions that will arise in your mind just about now. Well an MES application in it self is a very strategic decision to make and the choice of the right partner is crucial. I2DS has been able to develop an MES application that integrates a Document Management System or DMS in it. This application has been able to provide our customers the desired functionality and increase their over all efficiency. Our DMS application allows you to manage all important documents within the MES and allow you to better use such documents. With our application tailor made to you organization’s requirements you can forget about the hassles of managing cumbersome documents. To get a glimpse of our MES application and our DMS system, write into us at and get a touch and feel of our path breaking solutions.

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