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Tap into the Power of Your PLC – Hidden Data You Thought You Never Had

PLC or Programmable Logic Control is one of the most advanced tools being used to provide automation solutions to Organizations. The functionality of the PLC has evolved over the years to include sequential relay control, motion control, process control, distributed control systems and networking. The data handling, storage, processing power and communication capabilities of some modern PLCs are approximately equivalent to desktop computers. It is due to the above mentioned features that PLC is highly desirable in Manufacturing Industry. But are all automation solution providers equipped with the required skill for development and application of PLC solutions, or do you need an expert? This is a very important question, as not all software solution providers have the expertise to implement state-of-the-art PLC application required by your facility. For achieving the desired results you should look at an expert in such applications. I2DS can be the right partner for you, because of our expertise and exposure to the management of complex and highly automated manufacturing operations. Our team of experts specializes in PLC implementation. If you are looking for the most modern methods of pulling process data, configuring the database structure, user friendly presentation of data, data processing and statistical tools like SPC, you are looking for a partner like I2DS. We have proved our competence in PLC for a satisfied customer base world wide and made process control and process improvement much more convenient for them. We have the expertise required for such complex and critical applications and we believe that every customer is unique and thus are solutions are Tailor-Made for your operations. With our PLC applications installed, you will be able to access, monitor and use data which you never knew had existed. If you want to benefit from our solutions and wish to have unparalleled process control, write into us at

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