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Streamlined Data Reports – Raise the Bar for Operational Efficiency

What is the most important requirement of effective operations management? I believe there may be many answers to this question, but after asking it to a lot of colleagues, managers etc. I came to a conclusion that it’s Information. Yes, Information is absolutely vital for effective management and efficient operations & not just any information, for the information to be of any use it has to be relevant, accurate, streamlined and available when required. Information that has above mentioned features aids effective decision making which in turn helps improve the bottom line. Having established the need of information the next question is- What is the source of this information? The most common source of information is Data Reports. Every organization no matter how big or small generates many reports, these reports then help Managers make decisions which are supposed to cut costs, improve productivity, enhance efficiency etc. But unfortunately even detailed reports that provide a deep insight on the subject fail to elicit great decisions. The major flaw in traditional reports is that they are hardly ever streamlined & although they may have potent information, the important data gets lost in cumbersome and wordy report body. Another flaw is that Real-Time decision making requires Real-Time reporting tools, which is not the case in most reports generated today. By making the above statement I do not wish to undermine the traditional ways of reporting but rather my aim is to inform you how can these reports be made even stronger and more effective. We at i2DS strongly advocate the importance of streamlined reports and real-time report generation. All our products have the feature of generating reports in real-time within our system. Our MES and Manufacturing Excellence solutions have the capability of creating reports in various forms and these reports contain all the vital information you require for decision making right now. My personal favorite is the Graph Reporting tool, which allows you to analyze the information in graphical form, appraise each issue owner-wise, equipment-wise, issue-wise or what have you. I call this tool the ‘Manager’s Delight’. All of us know that we would prefer to look at a graph to make better and faster decisions and then if required drill down on a particular issue to gain clarity rather than reading a huge, wordy and cumbersome report. At I2DS we have made reporting what it should be i.e. relevant, accurate, streamlined and fast, we know time is of the essence and we have made our systems accordingly. So do you want to see these amazing tools I have just mentioned, in action? Do you want to see how your operations can become more efficient? Then write into us at & we will amaze you.

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