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Staying on The Path of Operational Excellence.

There was a time, not very long ago, when mass production of standard goods was the goal of all manufacturing organizations, achieving economies of scale was imperative and the final customer had no choice or say in the process or product attributes. Those days are long gone now, today customers are the focus of every organization, their demands and views are given importance over the product and process, Customer Delight and Operational Excellence are the main objectives now. TQM is a theory widely adopted globally for process improvement. According to TQM two things are most important if an organization has to survive in the market, 1) Customer Satisfaction, achieved by providing highest quality product, at lowest possible cost and in the fastest possible time, 2) Continuous improvement, achieved by striving for better process control, product innovation, reducing waste and long term relationships with suppliers and customers. Having a satisfactory operation is, just not enough, organizations today strive for achieving Operational Excellence. TQM, Lean Management, JIT concept etc. have given companies a framework to achieve this desired Operational Excellence. However, all management professional will agree with me when I say, everything looks easy in theory but it becomes really complex when applied practically. So is it impossible to achieve Operational Excellence? No its not. Achieving Operational Excellence is possible but only on making certain decisions and trade-offs. First you need to understand your core competency and then establish strategic partnerships that would enable you to continually improve and pursue excellence at what you do best. Partners form an important facet of any business today, effective partnerships made with capable suppliers and distributors can give you the competitive edge and help you achieve customer satisfaction. Partnerships made for Information processing and knowledge management are pivotal to the organization’s success and even survival in some cases. I2DS is a strong contender for being the right strategic partner for you. Why is that? You would ask, well for one we are the one stop shop for all your IT needs, the services and solutions we offer are, Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and all other IT/Software applications. If you are looking to outsource your Information Management, it would make more sense to have a single Strategic Partner rather than having many vendors who can provide limited functionality. Having I2ds as a long term partner will help you concentrate on your core competency and also alleviate you from your information processing and integration troubles. We have been creating optimum solutions for our global customer base, as per their requirements and their vision. We believe in the theories described above and put customer satisfaction and continuous improvement at the top of our priority list. So don’t wait any further, write into us and experience the difference that is, I2DS, e-mail us at- or hit the Request Live Demo tab on this page. Through our support you would be able to achieve Operational Excellence and harness process innovation like never before.

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