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Speed, Productivity, & Cost – A Mantra that helps Your Organization Succeed

Given the same set of Organizational resources and External Environmental conditions, why are some organizations exceptionally successful, while others struggle to survive? Organizations that are successful lay stress on three major factors besides Quality, they are Speed- speed of delivery and speed of process, Productivity- productivity of the process and productivity of the personnel employed and last but certainly not the least Cost- cost of the entire value chain and operating cost. A concentration on increasing Speed and Productivity while reducing the Cost makes some organizations much more successful than their competition. Successful organizations include these factors in their vision/mission statements.
Speed of delivery and process change has become important to due to the ever decreasing Product Life Cycles and Time to Market. Productivity of the process and personnel is vital as it reflects the process knowledge and the ability to change the process and process output as required. Cost has been a vital factor ever since the advent of trade and commerce, but its much more important now due to the decrease in profit margins. So what has brought about these changes and how do you cope with them?
Technology has been a massive contributor to better speed and productivity and lesser costs. Organizations which have realized the importance of technology and successfully implemented technological advancements in their process have become global market leaders. On the other hand organizations that have been sluggish in embracing technology have paid a heavy cost leading to a loss of market share or even worse an exit from the market itself. Information Technology or IT is the key to value chain optimization and process excellence. It is only through IT that we can improve speed and productivity, while reducing the cost incurred.
Information systems integrate the process, which allows faster change, real time decisions, faster issue resolution, higher quality, lower operational cost, better process control and many more advantages. But the tricky part is that most organizations do not have a high degree of competence in developing IT solution, this leads to outsourcing. Choosing the right partner for IT implementation is a strategic decision and needs to be taken with caution. So who is the right partner for your IT needs?
I2DS is the right partner for you because our mantra is to deliver high speed and productivity at minimal costs through our information solutions. With our products and services, we can help speed your production line, we can increase your productivity where role assignments have more time to work on the things they are hired for instead of tedious data collection and analysis steps and ultimately we save you money. We offer a myriad of tailor made, process specific solutions such as- Factory MES, Communication Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Management, Database Management, Process Automation and IT/ Software service. So if you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you optimize your process and achieve the results you desire, well I2DS is the best choice you have. So don’t wait any longer, e-mail us at and become faster, more productive and cost effective.

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