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Show Me The Data

Show me the Data. This phrase is used by countless management professionals everyday around the world. Management has progressed from being an art to being a science. Management decisions are no longer made by gut feeling, managing issues by analysis of facts has become more important. To be able to analyze facts, they should be presented in a meaningful form and as per the required metrics. Data generated by the process and equipment has become a key input for management of Quality, Process Improvement and the Cost function. Now having established the importance of data, let us focus on the extraction and accessibility of the same. To be able to manage Operations better, vital data needs to be available in real-time and this data should be accessible to the right person anywhere and all the time. To achieve the above mentioned functionality is not an easy task unless there is a dedicated system to provide the required data in the requisite form and at the right time. I2DS has developed the most Modern and User-Friendly solutions to provide vital data to decision makers as and when required. Our MES and Manufacturing Excellence solutions provide seamless integration for your entire operations process, which means that all the required information is just a click away. Due to the Web-based platform of our solutions data can be accessed from any location and this allows better integration of geographically separated units. While MES provides you all the information regarding your process and generates reports on our highly efficient SPC module, Manufacturing Excellence has the capability of providing information regarding issues of Safety, Quality, Factory Communication and Equipment issues. With our solutions installed your Organization can benefit immensely as you have the ultimate power to monitor, control and decide, this helps you manage operations in real-time, make adjustments and continuously improve your process.
IT is the best way to integrate the previously separate operations and I2DS is the best partner for you, don’t believe me, give us an opportunity and let us prove why we are the best partners for you. E-mail us right now if you want the power that comes with real-time decision making and easy information availability, our e-mail address is

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