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Shop Floor Errors.

Shop Floor Errors, do you encounter them regularly? Do these errors lead to an increase in the Operational Cost function? Is there any way to get a better handle on them? How can we reduce or completely eliminate these Day-to-Day errors? Well, Shop Floor Errors are a part of life when it comes to manufacturing organizations, but these errors are major cost centers, maybe not individually but when considered in a cumulative way, the results can shock you. Small errors that occur due to a human error or faulty paper work can become a major problem if you fail to detect the error and correct them in the nick of time. If you don’t have a system to track your day to day operations, there is a good chance that small mishaps get neglected, intentionally or unintentionally, till they become a major problem. These errors are caused due to human neglect, faulty paperwork, lack of tracking systems, manual communications, lack of proper supervision etc. We all know that curing an error is just a reactive action, when it comes to Factories having huge capital investments, being reactive is just not good enough. The need of the hour is to have a system that automates the process to the extent that errors can be detected before they can happen. I2DS has devised solutions, which make proactive operations management a reality; our solutions can help you track every event on your Factory Floor in real time and prevent major costs related specially to equipment and quality conformance. So how do we do it? What do our solutions offer to you that others don’t? At I2DS we have a wealth of experience in the field of Factory Operations and Software Development, due to our unique expertise we are able to better gauge your pain points and make solutions that aid proactive management. Our path breaking solutions such as MES and Manufacturing Excellence, integrate your operations and give you the ability to monitor and control every Shop Floor activity in Real-Time. If you are aware of every event that has occurred and every event that is scheduled to happen, regarding areas of Safety, Quality, Operation and Equipment, you get a better handle on your entire process. Since our systems cover every aspect of a factory floor, you will never miss anything; this will help not only to reduce errors but to completely eliminate them. For every Organization the ultimate goal is to achieve profit maximization, and I believe a penny saved is a penny earned, so if you want to cut your operational costs dramatically what are you waiting for. Let I2DS be your partner for factory automation and process integration and forget about loosing money due to Shop Floor Errors, for ever. Send us an e-mail at or hit the Request Live Demo Tab on your screen.

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