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Big Data Analytics
i2ds team of product and technical support specialists are ready to answer your questions and assist you in solving your issues. Our worldwide support team has access to up-to-date technical information for all i2ds products which enables them to deliver on quick and consistent responses to customer requests. We provide assistance for all Data Analytics applications round the clock to all process owners, along with active training and support for user orientation 24×7.

Data Warehouse Consulting
Data Warehousing is a continuous activity and requires operations to remain active at all times. i2ds’ dedicated customer service team, is available continuously to render their support for all Warehousing solutions provided us. We provide expert analysis for your Data Warehousing concerns and ensure that our solutions achieve the desired functionality and our support team enables each individual user to attain proficiency in the applications and derive maximum utility.

Data Integration
Data Integration requires diligent back-end efforts and support from the solution provider, at i2ds we believe that customer service and technical support are our major responsibility as a Technology Partner. Our team of experts is available to aid the process of Data Integration anywhere in the Globe and our response time is touted as the best in the industry. Our technical and product specialists ensure that your Data Integration endeavor is successful and you have support and guidance as and when you need it, instantly.

Data Mining
Data Mining is one of the most important aspects of i2ds Data Analytics applications and we ensure that all the data rich sources of the entire process are covered to create a rich pool of data. Our world class team, which specializes in data mining applications ensures that all our clients reap maximum benefits from the application, we are determined to provide fast, efficient and quality service to help your Organization reach the desired level of excellence. Our technical and product support teams are available 24×7 to answer all your concerns and help solve all your queries related to product application and functionality.

Database Architecture
Database management and architecture are areas which require dedicated and intelligent support. i2ds experst work around the clock to facilitate better customer service and ensure that our products are easy to use and give desired or even better results. Database Architecture is our forte and we have a worldwide support infrastructure, which is capable of providing service from China to Chile and from Malaysia to Mexico. Our team regularly updates its information and provides a world class support for all our clients and all our products 24×7.

IT / DBA Support
IT/ DBA form the back-bone of any business and at i2ds we realize their importance and the way in which they can become a source of competitive advantage. Our IT experts ensure that all the support needs of our clients are met instantly; we have an active training and orientation cell that services our clients globally and can be contacted at morning, noon and night. Our motto when it comes to service is quite simple- ‘We Are Satisfied, When Our Customer Is’, we truly believe in out Motto and practice it religiously.


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