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Seeking Real-Time Information ? Then Excel is Not Your Friend!

Spread Sheet applications have made an impact on how Managers operate around the world, but are they really as efficient and effective as required? Today the manufacturing industry has become drastically different from what it was maybe 10 years ago and real time decision making is the need of the hour. Although spreadsheet applications have their plus points in terms of the ease of storing data and performing complex calculations, they are certainly not the panacea for management problems evident today. Today Global Organizations have factories making different components around the world and having access to real time data is crucial for synchronizing the materials and information flow globally. Even in local manufacturing there might be areas within the factory that need integration and have responsible managers located elsewhere, who need access to real time operational data. Clearly spread sheet applications are not enough, we need an integrated platform that provides the functionality of process visibility and control in real time. The answer to such situations is an MES application which has an SPC or Statistical Process Control application embedded in it. I2DS has developed such an application just for Organizations like yours, which provides you the required information at just a mouse click. Our MES solution allows you to perform operations right from your computer screen, giving you the ultimate control and real time info, where ever you are. Also the process metrics become easily available for analysis because of our SPC application which allows you to control and view your process as each event unfolds. This is the ultimate toll for Manufacturing Organizations as they can not only access real tome information but also use it to exercise control and plan corrective measures on the go. Our MES and SPC solutions are helping our customers by cutting their operational cost by exercising efficient control because of the availability of real time data and also helping them improve their process by being able to detect assignable causes of process related problems in real time. Planning and achieving a Six Sigma level production becomes easier if you have an I2DS application installed and running in your factory. We are moving towards highly turbulent times in the manufacturing market and we have to realize the importance of information and how important it is to be able to access and assess this information in real time. I2DS can be a strategic partner for you as we realize the importance of your money and more importantly your time. Give us an opportunity to show you how you can benefit from our MES and SPC applications, real time data and real time profits are just a mouse click away. Write into us at or just hit the Request Live Demo Tab. Trust me when I say you will be amazed with the results our applications can achieve, we are waiting to hear from you, so hurry up and get in touch right away.

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