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Safety First, Everything Else Second.

Safety first, everything else second, is that something you really believe in? It is seen that many organizations have fancy policies and documents portraying the concern they have for the safety of their workforce, but the reality is very different. Safety is a prime concern for any individual, as per Maslow’s theory about ‘Hierarchy of needs’, Safety, at the workplace is the most basic need for any worker. So when we say Safety First, we should mean it and work towards achieving it, because no one would like to work in an unsafe working environment. Today there are various industrial safety standards around the world that are helping Organizations better understand and develop safety related policies and procedures, OSHA Act 1970 USA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act, is one such example, where a clearly defined set of rules have to be adhered to for Safety and Health. Almost every country has such rules for the minimum safety requirements for industrial establishments. Companies around the world need to better monitor and achieve these safety standards, but the problem that they face is that the efforts made for safety management are not fully integrated, there is a need for a system that would provide a greater insight on what is happening and what needs to be done for safety across the entire Organization. At I2DS we truly believe in the Mantra- ‘Safety First.’, we have developed the most comprehensive Safety Management Solution for Organizations like yours. Our system has the ability to integrate the safety efforts of your entire organization on a single platform; it will ensure that safety is not just a priority on paper, but in practice. Our system gives you amazing functionalities such as, the ability to plan and organize safety events, provide trainings, assign owners to safety tasks, view safety events such as Audits as they happen, prioritize safety issues and so much more. If you really believe Safety is your prime concern, then don’t wait, get in touch with us right now and help us make your working environment safer than ever before. Our e-mail id is-, or you can also hit the Request Live Demo link and we will get back to you. Always remember a safe working environment is a productive working environment.

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