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Safety And Quality Management Applications, Meet Tomorrow’s Needs Today

Before you begin reading this Blog, please stop and think for a moment how much do you value work place Safety and product Quality? I know these are two separate issues but they are interrelated in many ways, you will gain clarity as you continue reading. Work place Safety is considered the most basic need of any worker or employee, it is considered essential for being able to perform any kind of task/work. Imagine worrying about something falling on your head while you are preparing the production schedule or writing a report for your big-boss. Quality on the other hand is partly dependent on the level of comfort the workforce feels. It has been seen that a safe and comfortable workplace can lead to better product/service Quality. Coming back to my original question, if you really believe that it is your organizations responsibility to provide a safe work place and better product quality to your end consumer, please continue to read.
Safety at a work place is neglected not only in the third world countries even in countries like the USA and in Europe. People feel that the safety norms are just too difficult to follow and too expensive to implement. But let me ask you this, what price can you put on a human being’s life? If you don’t have an answer for this question, I believe you will agree when I say that workplace safety has to be ensured at all cost. But there are cost effective ways to achieve the desired levels of Safety at the work place but more on that later. Coming to the topic of product and process Quality, gone are the days when Quality used to be the order winner, it is now considered an order qualifier. Quality is perceived differently in different industries and for different processes. The one thing that remains uniform irrespective of line of business or type of process is the dependence of quality on the process and process metrics. It is vital to reach a zero error stage in product/process quality and maintain the level, if you are to excel in business.
Now that we have understood the sheer importance of Safety and Quality, what are we going to do about it? Well, for starters let us look at the possibility of the role that IT applications can play to help to achieve Safety and Quality excellence today. Yes, IT applications can help you monitor, control and improve on every safety and quality issue in real-time. These apps are transforming the way these issues are managed around the world and preventing major incidents from occurring and eliminating minor ones. These applications help prioritize events, monitor metrics, highlight major issues and aid real-time decision making and issue resolution. Such applications are the future of workplace safety and process/product quality. They help you perform online trainings, schedule maintenance activities, assess quality metrics and assign ownership. Such applications really meet tomorrow’s needs today. If you have any questions as to how such applications are beneficial in you industry, do write into us at and we will be glad to help you.

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