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Real-Time Yields Real-Time Results Real Time Profits

Manufacturing Operations are expected to be both flexible and have a high level process complexity. Flexibility allows them to better adjust with the external environmental forces and process complexity allows them to remain at a competitive advantage. However as process complexity increases it becomes harder to control the process; this accentuates the need for a real time process control system. MES solutions have been a major breakthrough for Organizations with high process complexity and fast throughput requirements. An MES application allows seamless integration of all facets of the process and offers real time process implementation and control. MES applications have become popular because of the need to access and assess real time process related data. Choosing the right partner for MES implementation is an issue of great concern for Organizations today. An ideal MES application should be able to provide real-time access to factory performance enabling real-time results in managing quality, safety, velocity and throughput. I2DS has developed an MES solution which provides the above mentioned functionalities and beyond. I2DS’ MES is one of the most sought after systems; the capability of the system to adapt to the process and then evolve along with it makes our MES one of the best applications in the industry. We have been able to devise solutions as per the needs of our customers and have managed to make a difference to their bottom-line. Our MES solution provides an end-to-end comprehensive coverage of the entire manufacturing operation and allows real time process control. There are many features that make our MES the best, our state-of-the-art SPC, our robust and user friendly Safety and Quality Management application, our Equipment management and Communication management solutions, all these add to the power of our MES. So if you have a process that needs an MES solution that is capable of doing much more than just automating your plant, I2DS is the right choice for you. To get a better touch and feel of our MES solution get in touch with us right away and help us increase your profitability and throughput. E-mail us at and see how real time data can lead to real time gains.

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