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Reach The Pinnacle In Manufacturing With Manufacturing Excellence

What makes an Operation Excellent? What are the means to achieve excellence, why is it so important? Is an excellent process highly profitable as well? These questions are relevant to all manufacturers irrespective of industry, type of production and the resultant end product. Taking it from the top, any operation that is excellent will have certain attributes that set it apart from the rest. An operation can become excellent only when it has a dedicated team of workers and has a process that is under control. What sets certain operations apart is the way in which they deal with issues, the foresight that they possess and the way they recover from issues that effect their operation. Excellent operations become excellent because they achieve a dynamic equilibrium with external environment factors by changing and controlling the internal capabilities accordingly. Technology has a major role to play in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence, because a gifted and well trained workforce can only do so much without technological aid. Technology is the vehicle that drives the operational excellence endeavor, workforce is the fuel and management is the driver. Without technology the process will be walking and not motoring towards excellence. This answers the second question; the third however needs thought and analysis from a couple of perspectives. I believe that in business the profitability and ethics should go hand in hand. So when we talk about making more money, it should not mean a blatant disregard for society, environment and workforce. An excellent operation is the one that is excellent in process efficiency, which achieves higher throughput as well as is fully compliant with social, ethical and quality standards. Sometimes the management feels that the cost of being compliant is just a waste of money and cuts profitability, but an operation cannot be excellent if it is not safe and does not put quality before cost. So, how do you achieve an operation that is excellent, an operation that saves money, generates higher throughput and still remains compliant with required standards? Well, you do what mankind has been doing since centuries, i.e. you employ better technology. Yes, if you are to achieve all the features that constitute an excellent process, you have to employ technology, that can integrate your process and help you remain compliant at a lower cost and achieve higher profitability. Manufacturing excellence solutions are helping Organizations reach the pinnacle of manufacturing in their industry. These solutions are integrated IT applications that allow you to monitor all parameters that are of providence in achieving excellence. Let’s say that the top parameters that you might consider as pivotal for achieving manufacturing excellence are Safety, Quality, Personnel Performance and Preventive Maintenance. A manufacturing excellence solution will help you monitor, control and improve on these parameters in real-time. This means that the chances of you missing an event leading to a non-conformance, or a small issue becoming a major cost center are almost completely eliminated. However, it is important that you choose the partner for such applications with great care and analysis. You should know what parameters you consider vital for attaining and maintaining excellence. Once you know you can employ an IT expert organization to design and implement the application for your manufacturing operation. If you would like to know more about Manufacturing Excellence Solutions and how they can help your operation become the Best in your industry, feel free to get in touch with me at, or , I am waiting to hear from you.

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