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Quality and Safety Management Are These Your Top Priorities?

Let me ask you at the very beginning of this Blog, do Safety and Quality management come into the top priority list of your strategic planning? If Yes, then this Blog is meant for you, as you go on reading you will realize how you can turn your Safety and Quality goals into palpable reality, that too with minimum hassles. I believe it is imperative for any Organization to be a corporate citizen and fulfill its obligation to provide product and process, quality and safety. It is important for organizations to view compliance and excellence in Safety and Quality as promoters of long term profitability. For an Organization to be successful in the long term, such issues cannot be neglected, in-fact the attention paid to these aspects reflect the true character of an Organization.
Safety of the working environment and Quality of the final product/service are the most important contributors to the overall performance and profitability of an Organization. Safe working conditions have been known to boost productivity of the work force; it is considered the most basic work need by Maslow. The importance of Quality can never be overemphasized it is the most important order winner/qualifier in almost every industry. For some industries maintaining high standards of quality conformance is mandatory just to be able to ship the products. Even if such strict compliance standards are not present the need to maintain a higher standard for Quality is implied in order to achieve competitive superiority.
Having established the need to have high standards of safety and quality, we have to decide on the ways to monitor them. I believe anything that can be measured can be managed; this axiom of management applies to safety and quality as well. We need to understand the objectives and metrics associated with safety and quality, this will enable us to employ the right system to measure and control these vital parameters. Today Organizations are using Information Technology to better understand the implications of such critical issues and also to take corrective actions and practice management by facts.
If IT is not your core competence you will need a capable partner to gain advantage from your Quality and Safety programs. I2DS is the right partner for you; we have been able to achieve high standards of Safety and Quality through our solutions and made a considerable contribution to the bottom line for our clients. So the question is how can I2DS help you achieve High Quality and Safety for your Organization? Well the answer is really simple; we have designed a state of the art Safety and Quality Management Solution that will allow you to, 1) Track each issue related to safety and quality, chronologically. 2) Provide a priority for each event. 3) Assign owner to each task and event. 4) Report issues in real time. 5) Report the status of the issue.
But that’s not all, at I2DS our endeavor is to adapt our system to the customer’s operations and we can provide you the above mentioned functionalities and much more. You can employ our Safety and Quality Management Solution individually or as a part of the Manufacturing Excellence Solution, which also incorporates Equipment Issues and Fabrication Pass down. For achieving the appropriate level of Safety for your industry and flawless 6 Sigma level Quality, you need to get in touch with us by writing into us or Request Live Demo. Let I2DS take care of your Safety & Quality Management and give you the functionality you have always desired.

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