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I2DS understands that an organizations Production Lab differs from their R&D Labs requirements. One monitors production consistencies, while the other is focused on innovation. I2DS combines these needs into a single LIMS solution to help its customers. The company offers a flexible and scalable enterprise LIMS solution for automating the laboratory with the ability to meet the changing requirements needed by organizations.It is a proven sample tracking tool that lowers Total Cost of Ownership and provides improved data quality and visibility and replaces paper processes.

Sample Tracking

  • Sample tracking allows efficient tracking for samples throughout the R&D process and facilitates integration of the entire R&D process. The sample tracking application allows better visibility and helps the users achieve tighter Quality Control.
  • Our sampling tracking tool has proven to be effective in diverse R&D operations and is a flexible and scalable solution, this feature allows your R&D lab to operate freely without worrying about any limit imposed by the information system.
  • Sample tracking also facilitates a paper free R&D operation, by providing a mechanism for keeping record of all activities, without leaving tons of paper trail. Besides the eco-friendly aspect paperless operation also facilitate better sorting and quicker access to relevant R&D data.

Equipment Management System

  • Equipment are the biggest cost centers in any process, in R&D facilities it is a given that equipment should be operating at optimum levels, our Equipment Management System allows users to access equipment related data, that helps achieve root cause analysis for all equipment performance issues.
  • This application helps you eliminate redundant efforts and achieve an effective TPM system. It is a complete asset management solution that helps your organization to maximize ROI on assets. Effective management of maintenance schedules, tasks, spares, and sampling jobs.
  • Besides providing requisite data and preventing redundant efforts in maintenance, EMS also allows appraisal of the entire maintenance effort. The information generated from the system can be used to understand and apply the best practices and help improve the efficiency of the R&D and Lab Process.

Safety Management

  • If you believe in the saying ‘Safety Comes First’, our Safety Management solution has been designed specifically for you. This solution not only ensures that you comply with the desired standards, but also ensure that your workforce feels safe doing their jobs.
  • This Safety Management tool has sophisticated capabilities designed specifically for safety data management, analysis of data and generation of safety performance reports and graphs.

Quality Management

  • Quality is and always will be the top order winner, if you believe that you need to monitor and improve your quality every day and that every employee is responsible for the Quality of the end-product, I2DS has just the system for you.
  • This solution has been designed to manage quality events across the Lab allowing achieving and sustaining manufacturing excellence. The system aims to provide you better Quality through continued performance analysis and control.

Document Management

  • Issues pertaining to expensive equipment can cause losses that are multifaceted; the obvious loss is that of money, machine uptime, workflow disruption and employee frustration.
  • To eliminate such losses our solution helps you eliminate the root cause of such equipment issues and gain clarity about the performance of your equipment and the employees handling the equipment. This enables ownership and responsibility of corrective action plans across enterprise for any type of Lab issue and provides issues management and resolution to organizations.

Lab Communication Management

  • Lab communications management is a vital function that facilitates better implementation of tactical and operational plans and makes sure that day to day activities remain aligned with the organizational goals.
  • This application ensures that information reaches process owners and allows for a cohesive and synergized operation. Our application has proved to be an effective communication tool, that allows easier delegation of tasks and helps establish better ownership for every task.
  • The application has the ability to incorporate organizational hierarchy and thus allows users to share and access information that is relevant to them, saving time and ensuring that correct information reaches the right person, this facilitates real-time decision making and allows better reaction in contingent situations.

Training & Certification

  • The module enable robust Training & Certification in the organization to improve.

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