Integration with Tool Automation

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Integration with Tool Automation:

Our tool connectivity solutions enable information exchange between equipment and factory host systems.
Our automation solutions enable high-speed, high-volume data collection from all components within the equipment, and subcomponent tracking from the chamber down to the sensor level.
We can connect thousands of pieces of equipment within one factory or between multiple facilities across the globe.

I2DS has Built-in Automation layer for PLC, PC, SECS-GEM or OPC server based Equipment & Factory Automation systems. I2DS is expert in defining and developing Control Architecture of Equipment’s. We are proficient in defining and developing Factory Control Architecture and integrating it to develop single Factory platform

Plant Automation, ERP & IT Solutions includes:

  • Equipment Control
  • OPC
  • Factory Control • ERP Integration
  • Advanced Process Control
  • PLC
  • Factory Network

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