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Process Control, Is It Ok To Have Any SPC application For My Process?

Quality has become the most sought after competitive priority to excel at, for organizations around the world. Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for products that claim to be of superior quality and can prove to be the quality leader in their category. There are nine facets of quality, 1) Aesthetics, 2) Conformance, 3) Durability, 4) Features, 5) Response, 6) Reliability, 7) Service, 8) Performance and 9) Reputation. Most of these facets depend on the process of production and to the extent the process can be controlled and modified. When a process can be controlled, its Quality can be improved as all possible and assignable causes of variances can be detected and successfully removed.
Customer satisfaction largely depends on the Quality of product, thus we can safely say that Quality management is vital for any organization that wishes to be competitive and achieve a higher market share. Quality control can be performed effectively when the vital process metrics can be measured and controlled effectively. To be able to make better use of the process metrics an SPC system or Statistical Process Control System is extremely useful. An SPC system becomes mandatory for products that have a complex process and face a high level of technological turbulence. An SPC system if used should be process specific and be able to provide information that is highly refined and helps efficient and real time decision making.
Even modern theories and systems such as TQM, Six Sigma, Lean and JIT, lay a lot of stress on management by facts. Many management theorists have stated and concurred the belief that what can be measured can be managed. The school of thought that advocates the use of facts and figures in management makes a very strong case, this is because it gives a factual and analysis based perspective to management and does away with managerial whims and fancies. But to be able to manage any process by facts and figures, it is imperative to have these facts and figures. Any process irrespective of its type, functionality or end product always has parameters that define it; every process generates data that can be measured to ascertain its performance. The use of standards, metrics and process generated data, for improving the process and better controlling it is what SPC or Statistical Process Control is all about.
TQM theorists and practitioners believe that SPC is the best way to manage and improve a process and that without SPC; a TQM effort can never be fully achieved. In the early 1980’s managers found the use of SPC very difficult as it required them to possess a very good command on statistical tools. This scenario has changed for good in the present SPC modules available for managerial decision making. Today there are SPC applications that can perform all the required calculations and provide the required information, this means that it’s the application that processes the raw data and the manager is saved from performing lengthy and time consuming calculations.
Most futuristic organizations of the world are moving towards the use of SPC applications for improving the over all process efficiency of their production units. The trouble is whether to use an SPC solution which is available off the shelf or design one that can be tailor made for the organization’s requirement. This is a common dilemma when it comes to any IT application; it is because besides the functionality there is a certain cost constraint involved in such decisions. Till now we have established the importance of an SPC solution and are stuck on the question whether to have a custom made solution or whether to buy a standard one? Well, for me the answer is quite simple, if you need a truly efficient SPC solution it has to be process specific, the analogy I am using here is also simple. Let’s say a patient has a unique medical condition, he cant rely on general medication for getting cured, he needs a specialist and a unique treatment for his ailment. Since every process is unique in nature buying a standard SPC solution can never prove beneficial.
I2DS is the best choice, if you want the Best-In-Class SPC application at a reasonable price.I2DS has the ability to understand your process needs and how an SPC application can benefit your operation. At I2DS we realize the value a potent and process specific SPC tool in your Organization’s system can add value to your entire operations and how it can improve your Quality control substantially. Our highly potent and capable SPC is capable of generating real time information like Cp & CpK Charts, Real-Time Process Data, Trends feedback, Tool Shutdown, Trend Charts, SMS Text Capabilities, E-mail alerts and other process specific charts and reports. Our SPC application is modeled as per your process and includes the metrics that you and your end customer consider vital. So if you have the desire to use Statistical tools to generate higher Quality, look no further, I2DS is right here to take care of Quality control endeavor. E-mail us at we welcome your comments and suggestions as well, please leave a comment if you find the content useful or just want to know more about our products.

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