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Plant Floor Operations – Do You Have A Grip on What’s Happening?

Factories are places with a complex work structure, a myriad of operations take place simultaneously in such an environment. Due to the large number of simultaneous activities, there is a great opportunity for loss of information due to lack of proper communication, leading to mismanagement. As all operations professionals would agree communication on and off the production floor is vital, not just for optimum performance but also for accurate and timely decision making. Generally, the tools that are available in a typical production environment have limited functionality, this becomes a major pain point when the production process is complex and requires real time monitoring and control. At I2DS, we believe information is the biggest asset for an Organization if harnessed and processed properly. We have devised state-of-the-art communication management solutions that ensure no detail from the Factory is left out of the management’s sight. Our aim is to capture all the vital data from the production floor, irrespective of area or process and make it available to the right person in real time. We empathize with Factory Managers worldwide and our product has been structured for their information needs. Our Fab-Passdown solution allows the user to view every event that has happened or is scheduled to happen, on the floor, it covers all vital issues such as safety, quality etc. The beauty of our solution is, that as a manager you don’t need to go through tons of paperwork or lengthy reports to arrive at a decision, you can access our system from anywhere, in real time and reach a decision by performing the required analysis on the go. This tool is also a great way to conduct training, schedule events and assign tasks. We realize every operation is unique and our solution is equipped with the capability of providing you the information you specifically require, i.e. our solution can be configured exactly to your needs. The Fab-Passdown tool is a truly a strong weapon for right and timely decision making as it gives you the information that is your priority and helps you better manage and control your floor activities. So to get a better handle on your day-to-day operations and to exercise effective control over each problem area, choose I2DS as your partner and let us make communications in your organization, easier, faster and better. So if you are an Operations Manager and feel that your organization can benefit from our solutions get in touch with us now, our e-mail id is

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