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Optimize Your Workforce and Boost Your Productivity

Any process is as good as its weakest link. A process has many components which include various equipment, tools and most importantly workers. Human Resources are considered a vital resource in every Organization. Training the workforce and retaining a trained and knowledgeable workforce is as important as having state of the art technology and automated equipment. So is your workforce your bottleneck? How do you monitor their performance and what steps have you taken to optimize this performance? These questions need careful consideration because any process is only as good as its weakest link. Today jobs especially in the manufacturing industry have become highly specialized and market leading firms boast of having a workforce that is trained, motivated and highly efficient. With the developments in the IT sector it is now possible to optimize your work flow through continuous training and real time monitoring. I2DS has come up with a major breakthrough in this regard, it is now possible to train, monitor, control and guide your work force at any location and in real time. I2DS has developed a work force optimization solution that can help in tasks that range from training to performance appraisal. This path breaking solution is called Manufacturing Excellence Solution, and as the name suggests it helps you do exactly that, i.e. achieve manufacturing excellence. This solution gives you the power to analyze your work force performance; it has the ability to monitor work flow, work load on each worker, worker performance and work distribution. This solution also helps you perform online training to aid continuous improvement of your workforce on the path to optimization. Since this solution covers all areas of your operations it also acts as a strong real time appraisal tool for your work force. Manufacturing Excellence helps you assign responsibility to your workers and also allows close monitoring and desired control. It covers areas such as Quality, Safety, Communication and Equipment; this makes it a complete solution that gives you a 360 degree view of your workforce performance. So if you are looking for a manufacturing solution that will also achieve work force optimization, e-mail us right away at

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