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Operational Efficiency – The Role Of IT Application In Factory’s Success


Are you unable to meet the growing demand for your products? Do you think you are operating much below your plant capacity? You want to improve the efficiency of your operations but don’t know how? All these questions will be answered as we proceed forward in this blog. Organizations lay great stress on increasing the demand for their products and often fail to consider the implications exaggerated demand might have on their production line. It is often seen that promotions and intense marketing causes the Bullwhip Effect and forward buying. In such cases the efficiency of the plant becomes indeterminate, due to the skewed nature of demand. However if the demand remains buoyant on a regular basis without a noticeable negative trend, the importance of improving the efficiency of current operations becomes critical before considering an increase in the plant capacity.
Complacency and lack of process knowledge are the two major reasons for decreased efficiency among others. Being complacent implies that the management believes that there is no further scope for process improvement and thereby no chance of enhancing efficiency. But this belief is self destructive in nature, as the great gurus of TQM have rightly proclaimed “No process is ever perfect”, which means that there is always a scope for improvement. Organizations should strive for integration of internal and external processes and avoid complacency. Lack of process knowledge is even more lethal, as what can’t be measured can’t be improved. The best way to improve process efficiency is by the use of technology to integrate the process and make the process related metrics available to all levels of management as required. The degree of integration of various facets of the production line will determine the degree of improvement in efficiency.
The need of the hour is to have IT solutions that enable you to better adjust with the market forces and still be able to achieve optimum efficiency, so that profits of the firm are not affected. I2DS has been able to provide powerful Information solutions to its customers and helped them achieve the efficiency that they desire. We believe that only on integrating the Factory Operations can an organization get a handle on what’s going on in their factory and how to better control and synchronize the efforts. Our solutions give you a better picture of every activity that happens on the floor and generate real-time reports that enable effective decision making. Our path breaking MES product gives you a common platform for all your operations, this enables integration and real time decision making. Every lot that is run can be configured from the beginning to EOL; right from selecting lot-path to lot-recipe, each lot can be tracked irrespective of current location. EDC and SPC features allow better control and quality; they also enable real-time analysis and help better and faster implementation of corrective action plans. It helps generate reports that are available for analysis as and when required.
All in all our MES solution gives you the functionality of optimizing and integrating your operations right from planning to execution, in real-time. But the benefits that I2DS can provide to your factory ops don’t stop here, we have made it our mission to go beyond the realm of basic MES and our Manufacturing Excellence Solution does exactly that. I2DS’ Manufacturing Excellence allows you to monitor all the major issues on your factory floor which include, Quality, Safety, Equipment Issues & Communication Management. This solution helps you gauge issues besides regular factory operations which are just as critical as the operations itself. Each and every issue that is related to Quality, Safety & Equipment becomes very important as neglecting them can lead to high and unwanted cost implications. Our Manufacturing Excellence solution allows you to report, track and analyze all these vital issues and make real-time decisions. Equipped with these powerful tools you can achieve a highly robust, integrated and optimally efficient operation. I2DS’ endeavor is to help customers achieve operational excellence has lead us to develop even more amazing solutions right from Database Management to a complete IT outsourcing partner. So if you want to feel the happiness that results from a factory that is working at its true potential write into us at

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