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My Data Is Trapped In My Tool and I want it Now!

Data is the life blood of any manufacturing operation; it is required at every stage and across all stages of the process. Data collection and analysis have come a long way since the first CNC machine ever came into existence. The need for equipment and tool data has been increasing due to the emphasis on SPC and automation place by much modern management and manufacturing theories. TQM and Lean Gurus such as Deming, Taguchi, Juran and Shingo have placed great emphasis on management by facts and prevention by better process control. This emphasis on management by facts has further intensified the need to pull real time data from the process and use it for better control and improvement. But pulling data from equipment is easier said than done, there are many complexities involved in pulling process data from tools and equipment which arise due to their make, data systems, compatibility, user interface and programming language used. To complicate matters further Legacy systems being used in most factories are incapable of adapting to new process and data requirements. But equipment and tool data remains the most desired and sought after data for better process control and subsequent improvement. So what can be done to free this trapped data and present it to the right person? To be able to access the tool data you need a partner that understands your data requirements and is capable of providing this elusive data in the right format at the right time to the right person. I2DS is the right partner for all your data tapping needs, let me elaborate why as we go ahead. I2DS has the capability to automate your entire operation irrespective of the genetics of your tools and equipment. Our automation team specializes in factory automation, data tapping, EDC and SPC. An automated factory has a comprehensive SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) application that enables effective HMI or Human Machine Interface. Our wide range of amazingly flexible products is what you require for applications like Tool Integration, Data Tap, SCADA, RFID implementation, SPC and EDC applications. So don’t waste your precious time, get in touch with us now and let us make your data available to you, from wherever it is trapped. E-mail us at and we will transform your factory and give you the edge that you deserve.

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