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Moving Data from The “Shop Floor” to the “Top Floor”

Moving Data from Shop Floor to Top floor, is it important for you? Any Value chain is incomplete without proper flow of information; no strategic, tactical or operations planning are possible in the absence of information. Top management is responsible for Strategy Formulation/Updating and disseminating it in the entire Organization; to achieve this they require information form external and internal sources. While it may seem easier to access internal information it is hardly ever the case. Due to the vast size and hierarchical tall structures of Organizations, internal information is very hard to obtain and analyze. Organizations often forget the importance of this internal data, especially from the factory floors of their operation. This negligence can cause severe repercussions, improper or insufficient data from the shop floor can lead to a fall in market share, customer satisfaction levels and loss of alignment between market objectives and operation’s resources. Top management needs better tools to access and assess the shop floor data than presently available in today’s standard, off the shelf IT Packages. To provide a solution for this very need I2DS has devised it MES application, which can not only help in achieving effective process control and performance, but also allow information to flow from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor. Our solutions are web-based open platform solutions which make them accessible from virtually any where in the world; this means you don’t need to be in-house to see what is happening in the house. For Top Executives who are always on the move this solution is like a dream come true. Our MES solution can help Top guns of the organization analyze and assess the performance of all their factories on a single integrated system, this will help them exercise real time control and achieve the strategic alignment they desire. Since our solution has the ability to shake hands with your present ERP and other such applications, it becomes easier to integrate and access real time shop floor data. So if you are responsible to ensure that your organization makes money and keeps making it, I2DS is the right strategic partner for you. We understand the importance of data in decision making and have made it our mission to make data management and dissemination easier and faster for you. If you are interested in moving your shop floor data to top floor get in touch with us right away, e-mail us at or just hit the Request Live Demo tab on this page.

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