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MES Solutions Are Highly Effective In Discrete Manufacturing!

Discreet Manufacturing is considered different from process manufacturing because the end product being produced is different every time, unlike process manufacturing. Practices like customization and delayed differentiation have allowed discreet manufacturers achieve the economies of scale and scope. Process manufacturing concentrates on refining the process and achieving the same end result every time with lesser cost and higher quality. In discreet manufacturing however, the process of production needs to be flexible and adapt itself to the desired end result. In discreet manufacturing the ability of the process to change as the product specifications change is a prerogative, also the high standards for quality and the pressure to lower the cost is ever existent.
MES applications for process manufacturing generally concentrate on the integration of the operation and achieving higher quality by achieving better process control and facilitating real-time decision making. The requirement of flexibility is not as important in MES applications for process manufacturing. In discreet manufacturing however, flexibility is the top priority. Coming back to the topic of today’s blog, Is an MES application successful in discreet manufacturing? The answer is No and Yes. The reason I have given such an answer is not to confuse my readers but to state the following observation. In my experience an MES application can fail any where irrespective of the production process, this happens because the management fails to determine their needs and choose the wrong application. In such a case an MES application might fail in a discreet process as well. For an MES application to be successful the management needs to carefully assess their needs and choose an MES application accordingly.
I believe that every process is unique and should be considered individually, especially for discreet manufacturing companies. The application of an MES solution can be successful in a discreet manufacturing environment, only if the process in analyzed completely and the parameters that need to be monitored and the process metrics that need to be analyzed are determined, before choosing the structure of the MES application. An MES solution can lead to higher productivity, lower cost, better quality and enhanced flexibility, only if the MES application partner specializes in the design and implementation of such applications.
Here I would like to introduce I2DS to you. I2DS is an organization that specializes in MES applications and has a team of expert analysts that works on the process specific design of the MES application. After designing the MES application, tailor made to your needs, our team of experts implement the application for you and provide a complete change management program for the employees. This makes I2DS the most preferred MES application provider in the industry today. We treat every manufacturing process individually and this makes our solutions the best choice for you. If you think that an MES application can not work in your process, just give us a buzz and we will show you how an MES application can make your operation more productive and much more profitable. For a live demo of our applications and solutions just hit the Request Live Demo Tab on this page or you can also e-mail us at

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