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Manufacturing Excellence & The Role Of This Application In Operations Management


Operations Management is often the most neglected area in all Organizations, it is considered to be a firefighting tool only to be called upon in the event of any problem or mishap. I believe Operations Management should be considered a vital part of management and should be used to attain competitive advantage for the Organization. Operations Management affects all five competitive priorities, namely, Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost. Rather than trying to manipulate the external environment to gain a competitive edge, organizations can gain a lot by concentrating on setting their house in order by laying stress on Operations Management Excellence.
Most modern theories of management lay stress on the importance of Operations Management and how crucial it can prove to be in the success or failure of an Organization. There are many books which describe the importance of operations management at a strategic level and how an operations strategy can achieve higher throughput, lower costs and profit maximization. The crux of these writings however is a very simple fact, which is, if you lay stress on doing things right the first time and try to improve your operations continually, you can improve your profitability and become the best-in-class organization.
For manufacturing Organizations, Operations Management is extremely important, its so because it deals with the most important activity of the organization, the production of the goods, that are sold in the market, under a brand name. Thus in manufacturing organizations excellence in operations management is highly desirable. Most successful companies have realized this need and are employing the most modern information solutions along with various management theories to achieve manufacturing excellence. Information systems are making Operation management highly sophisticated and pushing operations towards a six sigma level of efficiency.
Integration of the entire plant, process and personnel is vital for achieving manufacturing excellence. This integration can result only with the help of an information system that provides a seamless and holistic view of the vital process and personnel related parameters. This system should allow effective monitoring and efficient control for the entire process and aid real time decision making and action. There are many packages available in the market for Manufacturing Excellence, but is just any package the right package?
I believe every manufacturing process is unique; this is because of the fact that each organization has an inherent set of resources and unique environmental conditions. Thus a Manufacturing Excellence application should be process specific and not general. Every Operations manager gives importance to certain parameters, for the sake of this discussion lets say Quality, Safety, Equipment and Factory Communication. If the package available cannot capture the details of the parameters above mentioned, it is rendered useless for this particular Organization.
I2DS has devised a Manufacturing Excellence solution that can fit to your process and give you the power of monitoring and controlling the process parameters you consider vital. So if you believe that Safety, Quality, Factory Communication and Equipment issues are important cost centers and need to be monitored and controlled effectively, I2DS’ Manufacturing Excellence allows you to do exactly that. You have the capability to assign priorities and owners to each issue, see the real time actions and judge the performance of the entire process or the performance of individual parameters. With I2DS as your Excellence partner, you will never miss a vital issue and will be able to reduce the operating costs drastically, thereby achieving better profitability. With I2DS you can gain process excellence and this would help you become the Best-In-Class Operation. So open your doors to Manufacturing Excellence and I2DS, write into us at, and give us the opportunity to help you achieve excellence in all your competitive priorities.


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