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IT is not my core competence, should I outsource?

IT has become the biggest concern for Organizations today due to the volatile nature of markets and need to know tomorrow’s events, today and in some cases yesterday. Better communication and higher operational flexibility have become extremely desirable factors. The global IT revolution has made the life of managers simpler by providing real time data management and aiding real time decision making. Companies that specialize in providing IT solutions and services are proliferating at a very high pace. IT has become one of the fastest growing industries and is attracting highly skilled talent from around the globe. All successful organizations have realized the necessity of implementing IT solutions for their process and have been ahead of their competitors majorly because of their decision to embrace IT.
The biggest dilemma every company faces today is whether to outsource IT or to keep it in-house? This a major question and should be considered from a strategic view-point as the answer to this question can lead to competitive supremacy or total failure. Information is considered the most important resource for decision making in any Organization. To be able to achieve an efficient and effective Operation the right information needs to be available at the right time for the right person. Every Organization in the world, irrespective of industry has a ‘Core Competency’, for example Ford manufactures Cars, and Boeing manufactures Aircrafts, the key to success for such organizations has been the ability to concentrate on their core competency i.e. making cars and aircrafts. In the modern market companies that specialize in a particular product have a general trend of trying to achieve excellence in their core competency and outsourcing the functions that are not directly related to the same.
Information however is the most important resource of any organization and outsourcing your IT is a major decision, as every strategy made, every tactical plan conceived and every operational plan executed depends on accurate information available exactly when required. So, if your decision is to outsource the IT function, which is highly recommended if you are to concentrate on your core competency, the only real question is- Who is the right IT partner for you? The answer to this straight forward question is not so straight forward, as, when you look at the market it is filled with companies that claim to be a complete IT solution provider, but the actual picture may be a little different.
At I2DS we believe that actions speak louder than words and we have a long list of satisfied clients who have achieved the results they were looking for after incorporating our solutions. We have a wide range of products to cater any IT need you might have and we believe in careful analysis of our client’s needs and then devising the perfect solution for them. We have a myriad of successful products such as Factory MES, Communication Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Management etc. The above mentioned solutions are tailor-made to our client’s needs and can be applied individually or as a complete package. The idea here is not to promote our solutions but to educate our readers that there is much beyond standard IT packages available in the market, all you have to do is ask us to come visit you and we will make a worthy partner for your every IT need. We can provide you with the most modern, state-of-the-art IT solutions that will help you concentrate on your core competencies and yet be in total control of your operations. I2DS is the IT partner you have always been waiting for, so get in touch with us through e-mail at or simply click the Request Live Demo button and forget about your IT worries forever.

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