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“Is Your Organization on the Leading Edge of Automation?”

Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of Scientific Management emphasized the use of assembly lines in production and Henry Ford made assembly lines the most popular means of production. The times have changed ever since and there has been a massive proliferation in the products that are available in the market. The market itself has become a Consumer’s market and not a Buyer’s market like it was in the early part of the last century. Assembly lines are much more flexible and highly automated today. This has made the process flow more complicated and more difficult to manage. Modern management methods like customization and delayed differentiation have further increased the need for process automation.
The degree of automation required depends on the type of product and the growth of process technology. Computer Industry has experienced a rapid change in its environment ever since the advent of the first computer, the ENIAC. Packaging industry has also experienced changes in products and technologies but at a much slower rate. The automation thus required in the above mentioned industries varies proportional to the degree of change they are subjected to. Most modern organizations wish to acquire higher automation. But such automation is easier said than done.
Proper analysis of the process and the ability of automation to be updated as technology changes are very important in an automation decision. Leading Edge automation can be achieved only when the process is automated in entirety, which includes all components, tools, equipment, factory production line and human beings. A unique platform is required to achieve automation by bringing all the above-mentioned factors together in harmony. This however is a task best performed by automation experts, decisions related to automation should be taken based on facts and decisions based on pure managerial whims should be avoided.
I2DS has the most revered automation team in the industry. Our experts specialize in Factory Automation, PLC, APC, SPC, Data Tapping, Database Management and RFID Implementation. Our approach to automation is highly professional and customer centric. We believe that every process is unique and the level of automation required varies for each organization. Our experts provide automation solution that is not only leading edge but also highly efficient. I2DS’ customers have experienced a higher throughput, better flexibility and greater profitability ever since they chose I2DS as their automation partner. Our goal is to provide process specific automation and manage the resultant change; this makes us a preferred partner in the industry today. So if you are in need of Leading Edge automation for your production plant, look no further, I2DS is here to assist you in this endeavor. For getting a better idea of how automation can improve your process and achieve a greater profitability, e-mail us right away at or just drop your inquiry in the comment box and we will get back to you

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