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Is just any Off The Shelf MES application OK for my Organization?

Information Technology is one of the most important areas of strategic planning and decision making for modern day organizations. IT decisions become even more critical because the top management of most organizations have limited knowledge of IT applications and relevant costs. All organizations feel the need to implement better IT infrastructure, but how to go about it, remains a crucial question. In most organizations IT services are outsourced, this makes sense considering the need to concentrate on core competencies. But while outsourcing IT services and applications it is important to understand the implications involved and take a decision after weighing the pros and cons of the situation.
It is indeed necessary to implement better IT infrastructure and have the operation of the organization automated. However, one should remember that once a mistake is made in choosing the right application or the right technology partner, it would be very difficult to deal with repercussions if the project does not work as desired. Even when purchasing a simple inventory or accounting software, it is important to understand the functionality that is desired and the functionality being offered by the selected product. As IT products become more advanced, the process of choosing the right application becomes more and more complex.
For companies that manufacture products, irrespective of their process, an MES application is highly desired to achieve a high level of automation and integration. There are many players in the MES market and all of them claim to have the best product. But what you need to look out for is whether that MES application suits your operations or not. Buying an Off The Shelf MES application has many implications, such as, there would be a need to change your process to suit the application, due to the changes made in the process the level of resistance received from the work force will be a lot higher and there are many other problems that may arise depending on the application selected and the degree of change to be made in the production process. I am strictly against the philosophy of ‘One size fits all’, especially in the case of MES applications.
I think it is easier to design an application that can automate and integrate the present process, as is, without making substantial changes in the process. Tailor made MES applications have proven to perform better and face lesser resistance from the work force. While making the decision of acquiring an MES application for your Factory, please remember that you should work with a company that understands operations in your industry and is willing to design a product to improve and integrate your current operations rather than change it completely. I2DS is one such company, we believe that every production process is unique and has different internal and external environments. We believe that a thorough study of a production process and an in depth research of the entire operation is required before designing and implementing an MES application.
I2DS has the most revered team of professionals both from IT and Ops Management background and our team of experts design our MES applications to better suit your process. If you need an MES application, get in touch with us and we will guide you towards a better more efficient solution, which will truly fulfill your needs of automaton and integration. We will visit your plant, analyze your process and then guide you towards an MES solution that will deliver the desired functionality. So what are you waiting for, e-mail us at or just hit the Request Live Demo, Tab and we will surely get back to you.

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