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Is it Time to Upgrade My Automation, Not So Fast!

The process of automating a manufacturing plant in terms of equipment and information systems is a complex, time consuming and costly process. The risks hurrying the process of automation can be improper automation, the use of obsolete technology in automation and a chance of overspending on automation technology. Managers feel the constant urge to upgrade their automation to keep abreast with their competitors or for other reasons that have different motivations like being the technology leader or becoming best-in-class. But they often fail to understand the need of their process and the trade off between cost of upgrading automation and boost in process capability.
The cost of upgrading the present automation can be extremely expensive and disrupt the process, plus there will be a higher opposition to the resultant change by the present work force, as it will lead to a greater degree of adaptation and implementation. Managers need to consider the option of optimizing their present automation rather than replacing it. The cost-capability trade-off is vital in this regard. If the entire system that exists has become obsolete and there would be a great loss of capacity in maintaining it, then replacing it or upgrading it seems the ideal solution. If the present system can be optimized to perform better at a lower cost with a clear increase in process capacity or capability, optimizing the system is the best move.
But to evaluate the present system and enhance it, you require experts in the field of automation and process integration to work closely with your operations team. This practice will help you get a better picture of present and future process requirements and will also help make the cost-capability trade-off. At I2DS we have the most respected and capable experts in the field of Process Automation, Integration and PLC. We specialize in optimizing the process automation whilst keeping the costs at bay. Our experts understand the importance of automation and help you in understanding the set of choices you have. Our team puts your requirements on top of the analysis pyramid and proceeds to fulfill these requirements by trying to optimize the present automation at your facility.
So if you are willing to upgrade your present system and want to spend millions of dollars doing it, please don’t. Let the I2DS team work with you and achieve the same results that you desire at a fraction of the cost you are presently willing to incur. We believe in customer satisfaction through relentless customer service. Let our experts optimize your present systems, e-mail us at or just hit the Request Live Demo tab and we will take care of the rest.

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