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“Is an MES application the right application for my factory? “

I truly believe that, necessity is the mother of all invention, it is this very need of human beings to be better, faster, safer and most profitable, that has transformed the way industries function today. Factories have become the breeding grounds for newer, more capable technologies. The rate of automation and industrialization in all segments of the manufacturing industry is at an all time high. Organizations have realized the value of Information Technology and the role it can play in process integration and profit maximization. There has been an explosion of IT applications that are being developed and employed by Organizations worldwide to attain high standards for Quality and reduce Costs at the same time.
MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems are IT applications that are being employed by a myriad of manufacturing plants for process automation and integration. MES is a solution that helps you integrate your entire factory operations on a single platform and gives you a more comprehensive view of what is happening on your factory floor. MES has proved to be an effective tool for Organizations that are striving for better Quality, better Process Control, better Integration and above all better Profitability. Any factory operation, irrespective of volumes can be made better and more productive by going for an MES application. MES integration also allows you to focus on your Core Competencies and helps you manage your process effectively and more importantly improves your efficiency.
MES Integration is possible for all Organizations, but is it an easy task? Well, for that you need a Partner like I2DS and I will explain why as we move along. MES application is very different from other generic software applications, as it is process specific and each process is unique due to the unique combination of external factors and internal capabilities. I2DS believes that each MES application should be tailor made to suit the requirements of the client and we strive to provide just that. Our MES solution aims to provide the best possible process integration and control at the lowest cost, our main aim remains to make a substantial and sustainable difference to our client’s bottom line.
If you have an Operation that requires better Quality, higher Speed, better Flexibility, greater Dependability and lower Cost, I2DS is just the ally you want. We believe that MES application is a strategic choice and should have the blessing and support of the top management, we also believe that once employed an MES application has the potential to boost the profitability of the operation tremendously. So, if you would like to know how an MES application can prove beneficial for your plant, don’t wait, just e-mail us at or just leave a comment in the requisite space and we will get back to you.

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