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Innovation Through Process Integration, That’s MES For You….

There 2 basic categories of innovation, one aims at sustaining the current process and product through incremental improvements, or through developing new products from the existing ones, the other type of innovation is disruptive in nature where the products or services being offered start a new trend, by satisfying needs of a needy yet neglected segment of the market and aim at disrupting the flow of innovation through by altering the path used by sustainable innovation. Irrespective of its nature innovation is what keeps the economy expanding, and satisfies the new and ever-evolving needs of the modern customers. Global economic landscape is getting more and more diverse every-day, the buying power of Asian and other third world countries is growing and organizations are contemplating a combination of sustainable and disruptive innovation to make most of the new and emerging global economic trends.
Manufacturing organizations truly have their work cut out for them, the metrics which used to guide strategy and performance have changed and new metrics for both economic performance and process performance have replaced them. Metrics like multi factor productivity, delivery time and R&D efficiency are becoming more important than old metrics like labor costs, process efficiency and other such single dimensional metrics. The infrastructure required to be a market leader in the modern high-tech market has become very complex and depends heavily on innovation and the speed with which innovative solution can be tested and commercialized. The emphasis has shifted from product life cycle measures to total technology growth cycle. To achieve a better position in the modern market, organizations are pursuing innovation through a systems integration perspective.
Today collaborative R&D programs run by the private and government sector has become common and this further substantiates a need for internal and external integration for a better and more productive collaboration. MES technologies will play a crucial role in reducing the over-all R&D cycles and proliferating innovation through comprehensive integration through integration across the entire manufacturing domain. This integration is a vital parameter for successful innovation as each and every activity performed for achieving it needs to be linked to other activities of the process and the process owners need to control the flow and expedite of the entire endeavor. This can be achieved when an MES solution is being employed and it is capable of adapting the process as is, with the ability of making it more flexible and fast, by ensuring decisions are made on hard facts and are made as an event unfolds. Only when the manufacturing of an organization is truly integrated it can achieve the level and speed of innovation it aspires. MES solutions have become pivotal in the pursuit of innovation and will continue to impact the way an Organization approaches and executes innovative endeavors.

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