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The world wide production of Solar Power has risen from 5.5 GWp in 2005 to 100 Gwp in 2012; this trend shows the high potential for growth in the Solar Industry. The industry is growing at a rapid place and has a universal appeal due to the eco-friendly nature of the products being manufactured by it. But along with growth prospects come challenges and some of the major challenges faced by the Solar Industry are- Product Efficiency, Cost of Production and final products, rising Technical Standards and higher rate of Technology Obsolescence. To counter these challenges I2DS has designed integration and automation solutions to boost productivity and improve performance in the Solar Industry. Let us see how?

Product Efficiency- I2DS has devised products which are intelligent and aid the preservation and effective sharing of process and product knowledge. In an industry that faces pressure to increase efficiency information systems play a crucial role as they aid innovation through better understanding of the process and the product itself. I2DS’ MES and Manufacturing Excellence solutions aim at achieving process excellence and continuous improvement in efficiency.

Overall Cost Function- As the competition in the industry intensifies cost pressures build up due to an increase in bargaining power of the customers and the increase in substitute products. Such cost pressures necessitate the need for information systems that can cut down costs through better process integration and control. I2DS’ solutions are helping the industry meet this challenge every day, through advanced cost control mechanisms.

Technical Standards- The industry has to face many technical standards from the buyers and the governments of the host and home country. I2DS’ systems ensure that the industry meets this need through information systems that ensure compliance at every step in the process.

Technology Obsolescence – I2DS’ scalable information solutions help the industry overcome the fast rate of technology obsolescence. As the process technology improves so does our systems and ensure that the process achieves the desired level of performance through the new technology. Our Equipment Management solutions protect the industry from technology crisis and help achieve required technical advancements.


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